Why Yoga Teacher Training?

About four years ago, I started regularly attending yoga classes.  There was a CorePower studio right across the street from my apartment building and I thought it was worth trying the free week and that quickly turned into more classes and I became hooked.  I had always participated in very cardio-centric sports and assumed yoga would be too slow and not challenging enough, but I was wrong.  I was going through an emotional time in my life and I realized that going to a dark, hot room and tuning out the world for an hour was not only helping my body, but relaxing my mind.    

Yoga has been beneficial to me on so many levels.  Over the years, I've contemplated becoming a yoga teacher, but was apprehensive.  I'd see teachers at resorts and in the studio and they all seemed to genuinely love yoga and were even happier to share their knowledge.  Yoga was helping my body feel better on a daily basis and I began to wonder how I ever lived without practicing!  I'm also a runner and not only did I notice I wasn't suffering minor aches and pains anymore, I was also running faster races!  When my neck or back started to feel out of alignment, it seemed a hot yoga class was always the remedy.  My core and upper body felt stronger and I began to crave yoga every day. 

Here I am four years later, yet again searching for peace in my life and I turn to yoga - I decided to take the plunge and sign up for yoga teacher training.  Most people ask me if I'm going to teach and I'm sure I will in some capacity, but the outcome I'm seeking from teacher training is to deepen my practice and reset my mind, body and spirit.  I hope the experience will help me connect with my inner self and feel confident again.  I'm looking forward to expanding my skill set, challenging myself mentally, physically and exploring my spirituality.   

I'm both nervous and excited to the start CorePower Yoga Teacher Training this week!  The training lasts eight weeks and consists of three classes per week, three hours per class.  In addition, you must take 60 yoga classes before you can become certified.  For eight weeks, I will be knee deep in yoga!  Many teacher training programs are available and I considered many factors when deciding to choose CorePower Yoga Teacher Training.  After I complete the program, I'll earn a 200-Hour Yoga Certification recognized by Yoga Alliance.  Then, I'll be that much closer to my dream to live in a tropical location for a period of time, work from home and teach yoga.  Easy, right?

I'll be posting an update every week to share my journey and I hope you follow along!