How to SUP the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica
2019 SUP Wish List

Some people make resolutions for the New Year - I make a wish list.  I’m a big believer in filling my calendar with events to look forward to whether it’s a vacation, race, local concert, a sporting event - I could go on and on!

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One Year Blogiversary and 2018 Recap!

Time really does fly - I can’t even believe it’s 2019! I enjoy reflecting on my activities and travel for the year to remind myself it was actually a long year full of wonderful memories!

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Christmas SUP and Ice Skating

On Christmas Day in Chicago, the weather forecast predicted temperatures in the 40’s with mild winds - perfect winter SUP weather!

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Winter SUP

It’s snowing in Chicago, but that doesn’t stop those of us that love stand up paddle boarding from hitting the water.  In fact, it makes it even better.

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How to Paddle Duck Bay at the Washington Arboretum, Seattle
How to Paddle Lake Union, Seattle
SUP-ing in Seattle

I’m visiting Seattle for the first time and brought my inflatable paddle board to explore all the surrounding bodies of water - so much water to paddle!

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Dry Bags & SUP Travel

Fall is upon us, but it didn’t stop me from paddling the South Lagoon last weekend.

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Top 3 Tips for Paddle Boarding in the Winter
SUP in the Fall

Whether I like it or not, the fall season has arrived. There is a cycle of emotions I go through every year with the weather in Chicago.

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How to Travel with an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (iSUP)