Why You Should Take an SUP Yoga Class - Top 7 Benefits

When I encourage people to sign up for one of my SUP yoga classes, they look at me like I have two heads - “Yoga on a paddle board? I can barely do yoga on dry land.” That’s perfectly fine! You don’t need to be an advanced yogi to take an SUP yoga class. It is recommended that you’ve been exposed to yoga and paddle boarding before, but being a master at either is not required.

For those of you still on the fence, here are my top 7 benefits of SUP yoga:

  1. Nature: This is my favorite reason - connecting with nature. The calming effects of water set the stage for a relaxing yoga session. You can exhale any tension or worries deep into the water as you take in the sounds of nature. All while being surrounded by wildlife and gorgeous views that can’t be found in any yoga studio.

  2. New Challenge: Yoga on land is challenging, but it can become routine and predictable. SUP yoga brings a new challenge to your practice. Different muscles may be engaged on water for seemingly simple poses on land. Yoga on a paddle board can be unpredictable and poses can feel different depending on the conditions.

  3. Core Strength: Paddle boarding and yoga by themselves are great core workouts. Yoga on a paddle board increases the amount of core stability needed for each pose.

  4. Balance: Yoga requires balance on land for almost every pose and SUP requires balance to flow with the water conditions. SUP yoga will test and improve your balance that much more. Many yoga poses are modified on a paddle board, but make no mistake, that doesn’t make it easy!

  5. Mindfulness: We all strive to be present on our yoga mats, but let’s be real - it’s difficult. SUP yoga demands presence and mindfulness. If your mind starts to wonder, you will fall off the board quickly - not that falling isn’t encouraged and fun! SUP yoga develops a deeper level of mindfulness.

  6. Empowering: Adding another skilled workout to your routine will feel empowering. Once you complete your first class, you will feel a sense of accomplishment!

  7. Fun: Enjoy a some paddle boarding, connect with nature, get a little wet, take in the views, and feel a sense of community.

My classes will begin with a warm up paddle, 45 minutes of yoga, followed by a cool down paddle (and photo op)! Sign up at Chicago SUP and use CHISUPYOGA5 for $5 off your first class! It’s an opportunity to enjoy the lake at its best - dawn and dusk. Join me every Wednesday evening or Saturday morning along with a few Full Moon classes. Hope to see you on the water!