The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Dry Bag

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When buying a stand up paddle board, there are essentials to get started such as a board, paddle, life vest, and leash.  An inflatable paddle board requires a few more essentials such as a pump and backpack.   However, there are soooooo many accessories that become essentials once you start paddling regularly and one of those is a dry bag.  If you follow my Instagram account, you know I’m an ambassador for Earthpak because I just love their products and find them - well, necessary!

My dry bag secured under my bungees

My dry bag secured under my bungees

A dry bag is waterproof and seals to protect all the items inside the bag from becoming wet.  I use my dry bag to pack valuables and other items before I launch my paddle board and it secures nicely under the bungees on my board.  Dry bags can be used for more than just paddle boarding, they are great for any kind of activity where you might get wet!  Here are my top 5 reasons to buy a dry bag.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Dry Bag

  1. Protect Valuables

    If you own a paddle board, you’ll need a place to store your valuables such as keys, phone, money, etc, that can’t be left on shore.  Even if you are renting a paddle board or kayak, you still may want a dry bag to store your phone or anything you want to keep dry.

  2. Dry Clothes and Shoes

    When I launch my paddle board in one place with the plan to paddle a few miles down the lake, I want dry clothes and shoes when I get out of the water.  A dry bag is perfect for keeping all things dry.

  3. Multi-Use

    I use my dry bag for more than just paddle boarding.  I’ve taken my bag to the beach, hiking, and a float down the river.  You’ll be surprised how much you will use your bag and Earthpak even carries back packs, soft coolers and duffle bags!

  4. Easy to Clean

    Since the bags are waterproof, they are super easy to clean.  I throw mine in the tub or sink to clean and they are easy to hang for drying.

  5. Picnics on the Water

    This is my personal favorite!  If I’m heading out for a half day paddle, I will need some fuel for the trip.  I’ll pack water, snack bars, and even lunch in my dry bag.  One of my favorite things is packing a few breakfast and watching the sun rise over Lake Michigan from the water while enjoying my food.  

As you can see, a dry bag is one of those nice to have essentials for all water sports!