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SUP Chicago: How to Paddle the Chicago River
How to Paddle Board Through the Toronto Islands
How to SUP the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica
One Year Blogiversary and 2018 Recap!

Time really does fly - I can’t even believe it’s 2019! I enjoy reflecting on my activities and travel for the year.

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Christmas SUP and Ice Skating

Christmas Day in Chicago - perfect winter SUP weather!

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Winter SUP

It’s snowing in Chicago, but that doesn’t stop those of us that love stand up paddle boarding from hitting the water. 

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SUPping in Seattle

I’m visiting Seattle for the first time and brought iSUP - so much water to paddle here!

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Top 3 Tips for Paddle Boarding in the Winter
How to Paddle the Milwaukee River
Top 5 Benefits of an Inflatable Paddle Board
How I Chose My Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (iSUP)