Yoga Is For Everyone

Yoga is for everyone.  I encourage everyone I know to either start a yoga practice or dedicate more time to yoga – to the point of being that annoying yoga friend.  I want everyone to reap all the benefits yoga has to offer!

I’ve experienced many physical benefits from yoga including increased flexibility, balance, core and upper body strength.  Building core strength has made me a faster runner, increased my SUP stamina, and improved my balance.  My new found upper body strength has relieved my chronic neck and back pain while improving my posture.  I don’t wake up creaky anymore and I truly feel that yoga is the fountain of youth!  I crave it.  

We all naturally respond with a little pushback when presented with lifestyle changes or new forms of exercise.  I’m not strong enough – I can’t touch my toes – I have no core strength – I don’t know any of the poses – I’m not in shape.  Those are just a few concerns I hear in relation to yoga.  None of that matters, you can still do yoga!  My Yoga For Everyone series will debunk these concerns and give you building blocks to discover your yoga confidence!

Follow along as I focus on poses to help build strength, flexibility and balance so you can work towards a beneficial yoga flow!