A week without SUP

Summers in Chicago are amazing - simply amazing.  I don’t even like leaving the city because I want to soak up every minute of summer - it’s like being on an endless vacation! As I was riding my bike home from work last night, I was in awe of the city skyline and Lake Michigan - it never, ever gets old. I can’t imagine if I’d never lived here to experience the energy of the city, culture, sports, and not to mention the endless opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. However, what I love most about the city is the coastline - I love Lake Michigan. I’ve lived in several parts of the city and you’ll hear people reference being “northsiders” or “southsiders”, but I’ve determined I’m an “eastsider”. I’m happiest when I live close to the lake and I’m extremely lucky to practically live on the lake in my current location. I wake up every morning and look out my window to see what kind of lake sunrise will greet me - it’s simply amazing.  


I don’t like going a full week without any paddle boarding in the summer, but sometimes weather and life get in the way.  I haven’t been on my board since the race series last week due to some winds and I’ve been sidetracked with a 10k race and half marathon training.  The weather forecast looks amazing in Chicago this weekend, so I will definitely find time for a little SUP.  It’s almost that time of year - it’s dark at 7:00 pm and who knows how many more 80 degree days remain!

I’m also planning some Fall trips to Seattle and possibly Minnesota or Banff, so I’ll be either traveling with my iSUP or searching for local rentals - and blogging, of course!  Did you know Seattle has rental companies that are open year round?  I didn’t and was beyond excited about this discovery!  I’ll be writing a post with tips on how to travel with an iSUP, including specific details about flying, so look for that soon!

I’ve also received a couple questions about paddling in the winter, so I’m working on a post with general information and some suggestions for winter paddling in Chicago.  Look for these posts in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy these last days of summer!