Reflecting on Yoga Teacher Training: One Year Later

I'm always excited to hear when others are contemplating yoga teacher training (YTT).  Most prospective students ask me the same two questions - am I still happy with my decision to enroll in YTT and am I currently teaching.  These are simple, yet complex answers for me.  I could simply say yes and not technically, but that doesn’t paint the complete picture and somehow downplays the entire experience.  This past weekend marked one year since I graduated from teacher training with a wonderful group of ladies and it triggered a host of memories.  I’m so grateful for the insightful discussions, support and shared love of yoga we all experienced together.  I decided to reflect on my first year as a yoga teacher - which has flown by - to really cultivate thoughtful answers to those two common questions.

Are you still happy you enrolled in yoga teacher training? 

Absolutely.  I'm still very proud of my decision not only to enroll in YTT, but for choosing CorePower Yoga (CPY).  Teacher training enhanced my life in many ways and truly deepened my yoga practice - I wish I could take a teacher training class every week!  I signed up for YTT for two reasons - deepen my practice and self reflection.  My yoga practice has benefited on so many levels physically and mentally as a result of teacher training.  My increased understanding of proper alignment, breathing techniques, and how these elements impact even the simplest of poses has enhanced my practice.  Teacher training also emphasizes the mindfulness of yoga, and although I was familiar with yoga as a “moving meditation”, I didn’t really know how to execute this concept until after training.  The mindfulness of my practice has improved dramatically - on and off the mat.  When I signed up for my first studio class several years ago, I didn’t know what to expect and had no idea I’d be instantly addicted.  Teacher training fed this addiction and yoga is now fully integrated into my life on a daily basis.

Are you currently teaching?

I'm not formally teaching right now and I’m still reflecting on how teaching will play a role in my life.  My goal for teacher training was never to obtain a second job, so I struggle with how I want to use my certification.  However, just because I'm not formally teaching doesn't mean I don’t teach.  I share my knowledge with friends, family, and co-workers - which has been really fun.  It’s so great to help people understand the benefits of yoga and how it might help them.  So many people are intimidated by yoga and I’m always happy to give them routines to try at home or ease their anxiety about signing up for a studio class. 

My home yoga experience is better and I’m no longer bored with yoga in my living room.  I love guiding myself through a class, playing around with sequences and different playlists.  I’ve guided myself through a class on the beach, in the park, on my balcony - pretty much anywhere!  I'm also in the process of obtaining approval to teach yoga at work.  One of my goals next year is to figure out what I want from my RYT-200 certification and possibly get SUP yoga certified.  The idea of merging my love for SUP and yoga is very intriguing! 

Yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach

When I signed up for YTT, I was having one of the worst years of my life and I needed self care - something just for me that would calm my mind and provide self reflection.  I’m always looking for the next challenge and self improvement opportunity, so YTT seemed like a logical choice.  This experience has opened up so many opportunities that I’m sure will bring more challenges - which is how I like it. 

I've become a more mindful, centered person post-teacher training.  Meditation plays a bigger role in my life and I find myself craving yoga daily.  When my body aches, yoga soothes me.  When my brain is tired or my heart hurts, yoga soothes me.  I’m still very involved in other activities, but yoga allow my body to endure all of my crazy adventures.